Celebrating Silvester in Germany

When you think of Germany at this time of year the sights and sounds of the Christmas markets always come to mind. All the little wooden huts with their hand crafts in the middle of town squares surrounded with medieval buildings, the sounds of German Christmas music, laughter and occasionally a carosel, the smell of warm spiced nuts, bratwurst and mulled wine fill the crisp winter air. That’s what most people think of. This festive season doesn’t end with Christmas however. ...

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New Wine and Onion Cake

Well, I’ll admit it. I do like a good glass (or two) of wine. And my favorite wine comes from Germany. That’s why I miss southern Germany this time of year the most. I know autumn is supposed to be all about Oktoberfest and beer, at least that’s what the rest of the world thinks. There is plenty about the wine harvest to celebrate in its own right.

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My New Affection for Einstein

Math and Science are some of my least favorite things. Imagine my surprise when I found all I have in common with Albert Einstein. Here are a couple of his quotes that I really connect with.

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Many people will tell you they have a passion for travel. I do too, and curiosity is my WHY. I am not just slightly curious about the world around me, I am passionately curious. That ...

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Easter Fountains of Germany

A road trip though the small towns of Southern Germany always turns up something worth discovering. This time of year is not different. Throughout the region you will find dozens of communities busy decorating their town fountains for the upcoming Easter holiday. Hundreds of colorful and very often hand painted blown eggs are carefully added to pine garlands which will add color to the town square after a long winter.

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