Don’t Go To Venice If…….



Venice can be one of the most romantic places on earth. Canals grand or quiet, beautiful architecture, history, Italian food, high end shopping and so many other reasons make this city one of the most popular tourist places to visit. There are a handful of reasons you may want to stay away however. Here are some of them.








  • Don’t go to Venice if… you don’t like medieval ornate buildings. Venice has a style you can recognize anywhere called Venetian Gothic. The city was very rich and influential in the 14th – 15th century, and it shows in the buildings. They are a mix of Gothic, Byzantine and Moorish styles, with unique pointed arched windows and stone columned balconies. Many buildings are still very colorful.










  • Don’t go to Venice if… you don’t like boats. You can walk everywhere in the ancient city, but taking a boat will get you there much faster with more ease. There are several types of passenger boats you can take advantage of. There are the Vaporetto – city bus lines on the water. There are water taxis that can take you directly (or as close as possible if your destination isn’t on a canal) to where you need to go. There are short crossings at points across the Grand Canal where you wish there were a bridge. And of course there are the iconic Gondolas that every one dreams of, gliding down quaint side canals.










  • Don’t go to Venice if… you have mobility issues and can’t climb steps. Everyone knows about the famous canals. What you might not think about is that the city is full of bridges. Most of them are small. Most of them are charming. All of them have steps, usually easy to navigate, but be warned. If steps aren’t your thing you’ll probably have a difficult day.









  • Don’t go to Venice if… getting lost makes you nervous. There is the Grand Canal, easy to navigate and follow by boat. And the major landmarks like the Rialto Bridge, St Mark’s Square and the Accademia have several signs to follow. As for the rest, it’s a maze. Even when you have a good sense of direction. Although I didn’t try it, I doubt that a GPS would have helped much either. Narrow alleys open up into small squares with churches and pretty public wells when you least expect it. Side alleys that seem to be going in your direction end abruptly at a canal, or make a crooked turn down a tunnel or into a courtyard. You really must have a sense of adventure to wander any backstreets of Venice. For me, getting lost is part of the fun. Think of what you might find!


If none of these objections apply to you, than please go to Venice! It is truly one of a kind and a place you should experience. Go ahead. Add it to your bucket list.

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