Don’t Go To Venice If…….



Venice can be one of the most romantic places on earth. Canals grand or quiet, beautiful architecture, history, Italian food, high end shopping and so many other reasons make this city one of the most popular tourist places to visit. There are a handful of reasons you may want to stay away however. Here are some of them.




  • Don’t go to Venice ...
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No Fluff No Frills – The Cost of a Low Cost Carrier



I always said I would never fly Spirit Airlines. Imagine my surprise when I booked a Spirit flight for my latest travel. Yes, **hangs head** those low fares grabbed more than my attention, they reached into my wallet and before you know it, I was off to New Orleans for the price of a good dinner. The experience wasn’t terrible because I was prepared. I knew that my end fare was going to be much higher than the advertised price. Still I ...

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