How Do I Travel With Medications?


Sometimes when we travel it’s impossible to leave certain medications at home. How do you make sure your prescriptions will arrive with you safely and not cause problems at the airport?

Here are some tips:

  • Always carry your medications with you. Do not put them in checked luggage in case of loss.
  • Bring a copy of your prescription in case you need to have ...
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Free City Walking Tours


Many cities worldwide have free walking tours where you name your own price or sometimes for only the price of a tip. Take advantage of them. First of all, a little history and background on a new city will add depth to your travel experience. Secondly, you will meet locals who have a love for their city and are ...

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What! Santa Claus and Alligators???



If you happen to be in New Orleans during the Christmas holidays you must go to City Park for the Celebration in the Oaks. The park itself is huge. There is a small amusement park, a sculpture garden, a botanical garden, and I’m sure much more that I missed on my evening adventure. The ancient oaks drip Spanish moss. It’s the kind of place ...

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No Fluff No Frills – The Cost of a Low Cost Carrier



I always said I would never fly Spirit Airlines. Imagine my surprise when I booked a Spirit flight for my latest travel. Yes, **hangs head** those low fares grabbed more than my attention, they reached into my wallet and before you know it, I was off to New Orleans for the price of a good dinner. The experience wasn’t terrible because I was prepared. I knew that my end fare was going to be much higher than the advertised price. Still I ...

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Sleeping with Strangers – Discover Hospitality Exchanges

What do you know about sleeping with strangers on the road? Hospitality Exchange organizations have been around for many years and offer both a budget friendly way to travel and also a unique way to learn about your new destination. Maybe you’ve heard of CouchSurfing and were curious how that really worked. Did you know that that is just the start of possibilities to stay free and meet new friends?

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The Only Airfare Tip You’ll Ever Need – Secrets from a Travel Agent

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of talk about finding the best airfare deals lately. Whether it’s a blog about travel hacks or questions on a Facebook group, there’s a lot of interest in finding the best booking website, the best time to book, the tricks to get you to your destination for less. While most of the information is good, really all you need to do is follow one common sense guideline. When you hear it you’ll see how ...

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Sneak Peek at My 2015 Travel Plans


We have turned the page on 2014 and have started a new year. This is usually when I take a look at my travel plans for the upcoming year. I don’t have every trip planed of course, or even all the details of the ones set in stone, but by now I have a solid idea of the where’s and when’s.  I thought it might be fun to share my plans with you.


January – I’m starting the year with family in ...

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Pinterest-ing Travel Planning

Is it possible that you aren’t using Pinterest for travel planning? If not, here’s what you really should know:

So, what’s all this fuss about Pinterest?   It’s a visual bookmarking  site where you save collections of images (boards) on any interest imaginable.  It came on the scene in 2012 and is the fastest growing social media website. It currently has over 750 million boards to discover and inspire. Like other social media, you have a home ...

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8 Easy Steps for Travel Planning

You may enjoy travel planning almost as much as the trip itself. Or you may be overwhelmed by all the conflicting information that you pour over night after night. Here are some easy guidelines for planning your next vacation.


You would think the first thing you would decide is the destination. Not so fast. It doesn’t do any good to plan some exotic dream trip and then realize you only have 4 days of vacation time left at work. Or maybe ...

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