The 5 Prettiest European Towns You Need To See Now

I’ll admit it. Europe has my heart. I love the history and the art and the culture. Most of all I love the smaller towns and villages. There is something about cobblestone alleys and stone houses with overflowing flower boxes that draw me like a magnet. While every corner of Europe is full of cute and quaint places, I would like to share my 5 favorite prettiest towns you need to see now. These ...

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Remembering France’s Maginot Line


Maginot Line France

This Memorial Day I want to remember a seldom talked about French fortification system from WWII – the Maginot Line. It was built in the 1930’s and named after Andre Maginot, the Minister of War. A series of underground bunkers stretching from Luxembourg to Switzerland on France’s northeast border, and armed with heavy artillery, it was intended to protect the country from ...

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Finding Rome’s Quiet Treasures


Going through my photos of Rome I was struck by how many were NOT the big tourist views of the Eternal City. I like to discover local treasures or just signs of everyday life while I’m traveling. Join me in seeing Rome from a different point of view.

I started my wanderings in Trastervere, a quaint neighborhood across the Tiber River from most of the main sights. Here is a statue at the streetcar stop along the river. It honors Guiseppe ...

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Celebrating Silvester in Germany

When you think of Germany at this time of year the sights and sounds of the Christmas markets always come to mind. All the little wooden huts with their hand crafts in the middle of town squares surrounded with medieval buildings, the sounds of German Christmas music, laughter and occasionally a carosel, the smell of warm spiced nuts, bratwurst and mulled wine fill the crisp winter air. That’s what most people think of. This festive season doesn’t end with Christmas however. ...

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London’s Chocolate

What would make a visit to London even sweeter? How about the many ways you can experience her chocolate?

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours offer several chocolate tours and one is sure to suit your taste. Jennifer Earle founded this business in 2005 and has been introducing people to fine chocolate and the artisans that make it ever since. Some of the 3 – 4 hour tours include:

  • Mayfair  – A tour for milk chocolate lovers. This tour starts with hot ...
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New Wine and Onion Cake

Well, I’ll admit it. I do like a good glass (or two) of wine. And my favorite wine comes from Germany. That’s why I miss southern Germany this time of year the most. I know autumn is supposed to be all about Oktoberfest and beer, at least that’s what the rest of the world thinks. There is plenty about the wine harvest to celebrate in its own right.

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When in Rome, Don’t Miss Trastevere


For all its ancient history around every corner, Rome still feels like a European New York to me. However, the neighborhood of Trastevere is more like a village within the city. It has a residential feel that at the same time is quaint and hip. You will be following a narrow cobblestone street, which is more like a wide alley, and suddenly find yourself at a wonderful little square sprinkled with sidewalk cafes and crepe shops.

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Easter Fountains of Germany

A road trip though the small towns of Southern Germany always turns up something worth discovering. This time of year is not different. Throughout the region you will find dozens of communities busy decorating their town fountains for the upcoming Easter holiday. Hundreds of colorful and very often hand painted blown eggs are carefully added to pine garlands which will add color to the town square after a long winter.

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A Walk in Monet’s Garden

I confess. Every now and then I think of something other than travel. In those moments I think of art!
These interests are amazingly easy to combine, so I decided to take a themed journey into Claude
Monet’s backyard. I wanted to not only see the paintings, I wanted to see the places painted as well.
I started in Paris at the Musee d’Orsay where I could gaze at some of my favorite paintings, The Rue
Montorgueil in Paris and ...

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