The Why is more important than the Where


Travel planning usually starts with a destination in mind. Go to any booking website or most vacation review websites and before you can begin a search you are required to choose a place. I would like to suggest that we may be looking at this from the wrong starting point.

Most people plan trips like this: “I have vacation time coming up. Where should I go”? They often look at the special deals, which may not be such a bargain at ...

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A Walk in Monet’s Garden

I confess. Every now and then I think of something other than travel. In those moments I think of art!
These interests are amazingly easy to combine, so I decided to take a themed journey into Claude
Monet’s backyard. I wanted to not only see the paintings, I wanted to see the places painted as well.
I started in Paris at the Musee d’Orsay where I could gaze at some of my favorite paintings, The Rue
Montorgueil in Paris and ...

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English History in Westminster Abbey

If I could only see one place in London, it would be Westminster Abbey. I go as often as I am in London. I always find a new nook, or a different memorial. I try to go when the crowds are thinner, (late afternoon is best) so I can get a better overview.I’m a huge fan of medieval English history, and this is the place to find it. Westminster was founded in 960 and has been the coronation site since ...

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Digging Las Vegas

023    When I hear Las Vegas, my first thought is “no thank you”. There are so many places, why would I spend my hard earned time     off and dollars in mega casinos? Well, I found a good reason. Good enough that I would even  repeat it. I discovered a company called Dig This! just off the north strip  where you can let out your inner tomboy and act like ...

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