Cheese and Beer – Rural Wisconsin at its Finest Part 2

Monroe, WI is the cheese capital of the Dairy State. It’s a typical Midwest farming town that sprang up when the railroad expanded in the mid 1800’s. The 1891 City Hall anchors a well preserved ethnic town square that just oozes charm. I was there as the weekly Farmer’s Market was wrapping up. I usually wait until the State Fair for my summer Cream Puffs, but it seemed like fate was tapping me in the shoulder, so I gave in ...

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Refund Assistance – 3 Companies to the Rescue


If you experienced a flight delay, cancellation or were involuntarily bumped on a flight to Europe lately, you might be able to get a nice refund. There’s a European airline regulation, 261/2004, that awards between €125 and €600 depending on distance of the flight in question and how much of a delay you had before you eventually reached your final destination. (Current exchange rates make that $170.54 – $818.62). This rule doesn’t apply of course if the delay was caused ...

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Why You Should Consider Multi – Generation Travel

I usually travel solo. I like the freedom to see what I want, when I want. Sometimes however, travel is not about my perfect vacation. This year I decided to treat my 9 year old grandson to a trip to Mexico and we both had the time of our life. I took him to one of those all-inclusive mega resorts that I usually avoid. This time it was the perfect choice. Before we left a chilly Wisconsin he whispered to ...

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Easter Fountains of Germany

A road trip though the small towns of Southern Germany always turns up something worth discovering. This time of year is not different. Throughout the region you will find dozens of communities busy decorating their town fountains for the upcoming Easter holiday. Hundreds of colorful and very often hand painted blown eggs are carefully added to pine garlands which will add color to the town square after a long winter.

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Do You Share?

Have you heard of the ‘sharing economy’ and wondered what all the buzz is about? For travelers we are talking about people who are willing to share their space, whether it’s their car, their dinner, or a room in their home, on a temporary basis and for a fee. Companies are springing up to match people who are looking for those spaces. This may sound a bit scary to some of you. However opportunities are vetted through background checks, peer ...

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Fields of Color in Skagit Valley

I live in the Midwest where winters are long and gray. Every year by February I am planning my escape to find some much needed sunshine and warm breezes. I usually head south. Last year I must have been missing the color more than the heat and decided what I really needed was tulips. Yes, tulips. I thought that was about how long into the season I could hold out without significant color.

2013.04 097

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Red, Green or Christmas

Santa Fe has so many choices of exceptional food, more than I realized until I was in the thick of it. Determined not to let this experience escape me, I set out on a sort of dining frenzy to taste as much as possible. Many restaurants specialize in Northern New Mexican cooking which is neither Mexican nor Tex-Mex. Santa Fe is definitely known for its chiles and they are in everything. You get either red or green chiles, or if ...

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Santa Fe Dark and Rich – Chocolate of Course

A trip to Santa Fe would not be complete without sampling some of their famous chocolate. The first place that I visited was Kakawa Chocolates just off Canyon Road. After a hard morning of gallery hopping I needed some refreshment and Kakawa delivered. They are well known for their chocolate exlixirs, a dark rich pre-Columbian drink in tiny espresso cups. The drink is so rich that you probably wouldn’t want much more at one sitting anyway. But in case you ...

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