South African Winelands


About an hour outside of Cape Town South Africa are the Winelands. With vine covered mountain sides and towns with Dutch names like Stellenbosch and Franshhoek, I had a hard time remembering I was in Africa. The towns attract their fair share of tourist and there is enough to keep you busy between shops and cafes. But do go visit the wineries and find out what the region is all about. Some only produce wine, others offer olive oil, chocolate, ...

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Buyer Beware!!

Sometimes a bargain is just a bad deal. Booking cheap travel online may look good at first glance, but don’t fall in love so fast. If you’re an experienced traveler that understands the quirks of travel rules and are prepared should something go wrong (for example have good travel insurance) it might be okay to book yourself. If you travel infrequently and are just trying to save some money to use at your destination, consider your risks. There are several ...

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When in Rome, Don’t Miss Trastevere


For all its ancient history around every corner, Rome still feels like a European New York to me. However, the neighborhood of Trastevere is more like a village within the city. It has a residential feel that at the same time is quaint and hip. You will be following a narrow cobblestone street, which is more like a wide alley, and suddenly find yourself at a wonderful little square sprinkled with sidewalk cafes and crepe shops.

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My New Affection for Einstein

Math and Science are some of my least favorite things. Imagine my surprise when I found all I have in common with Albert Einstein. Here are a couple of his quotes that I really connect with.

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” Many people will tell you they have a passion for travel. I do too, and curiosity is my WHY. I am not just slightly curious about the world around me, I am passionately curious. That ...

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4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Santa Fe

Santa Fe’s nickname is The City Other, and it’s truly a unique place. But the locals jokingly call it Goddess Central for a good reason. That alone would make me want to check it out. Here are four reasons you’ll fall in love with Santa Fe.



Art – Canyon Road is an easy strolling mile of galleries. Find folk art to modern sculpture, and everything in between. One must see Gallery just off of Canyon Road is Nedra Matteucci. Peek at ...

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Cheese and Beer- Rural Wisconsin at its Finest Part 3

One of my summertime pleasures is sitting outside with friends at a scenic Beer Garden, sipping a micro brew. I found a nice one in New Glarus. The New Glarus Brewing Company is located on the edge of the village, and their new Biergarten overlooks the valley. I had to try one of their most famous flavors, Spotted Cow. I was not a fan, but my friends like it.


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Cheese and Beer – Rural Wisconsin at its Finest Part 2

Monroe, WI is the cheese capital of the Dairy State. It’s a typical Midwest farming town that sprang up when the railroad expanded in the mid 1800’s. The 1891 City Hall anchors a well preserved ethnic town square that just oozes charm. I was there as the weekly Farmer’s Market was wrapping up. I usually wait until the State Fair for my summer Cream Puffs, but it seemed like fate was tapping me in the shoulder, so I gave in ...

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