Women travel differently. Different needs. Different interests. Different pace. Different flavor. You owe it to yourself to work with someone who recognizes those difference - and celebrates them.




That’s only the start of the difference between Pink Carry On and a traditional travel agency.

Most other agents begin with where you want to go. We believe your why is more important . Why are you taking this trip? What experience are you looking for? What excites you, inspires you?



Pink Carry On specializes in boutique women’s small group tours to Europe for discerning female travelers. We are the best choice for women who want to truly experience the places they visit in a meaningful way. Our Chief Travel Designer lived in Europe for over a decade and has an intimate understanding of the culture, geography and discovering local gems found everywhere once one knows where to look. No website with it’s algorithms and data mining can replace human experience applied with wisdom.

Don’t settle for the same cookie cutter vacation your Aunt Mable took last year. You may not know how many options you have, but as professionals, we do. Let us help you find something uncommon and extraordinary, something that is worthy of becoming part of your story

Grab our hand and let’s go discover the world…..




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